Pooping Solutions

This course covers all the pooping struggles you may be having with your little one. Resistance, constipation, withholding. It's all here. Get you sanity back asap
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The Oh Crap Course

This course covers all the material in the book with videos, bullet-pointed lessons, in an easy-to-digest format. Get that little one out of diapers easy peasy!
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Private With Jamie

You could have followed my book to the letter and still your little one has their own struggles. No matter what you're going through, I can help solve the issues.
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Jen's Potty Solutions

Jen is a senior Oh Crap Consultant. She made this course for parents who need extra help but not quite as much as a consult. Like an Oh Crap Part 2. 
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Night Training

Night time potty training can be one of the most frustrating things. Find out all the ways to support your child before even starting at night time.
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Daycare Blueprint

Having issues with transitioning your newly potty trained child to daycare or preschool?                  This jam packed course is for you! 
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You can also book a consult with one of our awesome

 Oh Crap! Certified Consultants. 

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Become Certified in Potty Training

☑️Help families navigate this sometimes crazy making milestone.

☑️Use your parenting skills and ingenuity to ease this transition.

☑️Six module course

☑️Marketing materials available upon completion    

☑️Support video meetings

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This Potty Training 101 will help you wrap your head around this crazy-making milestone!

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