Jen L’Italien 

Jen L’Italien helps parents through the what-can-feel-exhausting process of potty training (especially when there’s anxiety around using the potty.) Leaving the buzz of NYC for a quieter rhythm in Maine, Jen pivoted from her job as a magazine editor to get certified as an Oh Crap Potty Training consultant. Now she runs Oh Crap Potty Training From ME To You with 1-on-1 services (over Zoom/Facetime/phone) plus online courses. (Pee withholding specialist.)


Oh Crap Potty Training Me To You

Ari and Dani 

English & Spanish Speaking

Hi, we're Ari and Dani. First thing's first: we're moms just like you! We are a registered nurse, pediatric sleep consultants, childhood routine experts and "Oh Crap" potty training consultants . We are the founders of Todspot, an online parent education and parent coaching business. Our mission is to help parents raise healthy, happy, independent babies! 
Potty Training with Todspot

Suzi Schwartz 

 I specialize in in-home, one-on-one support and serve families throughout Orange County, California. My expertise is in customizing a potty training plan that's specific to your child's individual needs, personal abilities and characteristics.
Whether you're unsure how to begin, you've run into roadblocks, frustrated or simply nervous about potty training, I'm here to support you and your child through this major milestone development of them achieving autonomy.
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Erica Desper

Erica founded Confident Parenting in 2012, as a certified baby and child sleep consultant offering group and private counseling for families struggling to get their baby or child to fall and stay asleep.
For more information about sleep or potty training support or her approach and support options, please visit her site. 
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Helene Korn


Helene has been practicing occupational therapy since 1998 and runs her own private practice where she evaluates and treats children ages 0-18. She has worked at two of the leading rehabilitation hospitals in the New York Metropolitan Area, presented at numerous conferences throughout the Northeast, and has worked with the New York City Board of Education. She works with children with autism spectrum disorders, developmental delays, and cerebral palsy. For the past eleven years, she has operated a private practice treating children with special needs, including challenges such as sensory processing disorder, developmental coordination disorder, fine motor difficulty, handwriting and pre-writing difficulty, visual perceptual deficits, behavioral challenges, learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. She holds advanced certifications in vestibular dysfunction and the Yoga For the Special Child method.  She offers group classes and 1:1 consults for both typically developing and neurodivergent children.
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Katie Fenske

Hi! I’m Katie Fenske, a mom of three, former elementary school teacher, and Oh Crap! certified potty trainer. More importantly though, I have been in your shoes. I know what it’s like to enter into potty training clueless, alone and frustrated. That was me 7 years ago figuring out how to train my oldest son. 
I offer virtual, telephone and in-person (Orange County, CA) consultations and guarantee that you will have the answers and tools you need to tackle any stage of potty training!
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Liz Hansen 

Hi, I am Liz Hansen. I am ecstatic to be featured in the newest version of Jamie's book ‘Oh Crap, Potty Training’. I specialize in neurodivergent and extreme cases. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of helping families from all over the world. Having two young boys myself, I get to give my clients a unique viewpoint. Not only from someone very knowledgeable in the way littles develop, but as a loving mother/wife who lives with special needs on the daily. I love being the support that a family needs to navigate this amazing time in your little's life. No matter where in your adventure you are, I can help support your individual needs to get your family where they need to be as efficiently as possible.  I offer support for all things littles, which includes sleep training, potty training, and loving behavioral support.
Please check out my website for more information. I am here for you.  (Pee withholding specialist.)
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Jessica C. Freilich

A lifetime of working with children led Jessica to the realization that she truly loves children in the transitioning years - from toddlers to 5th Graders to 8th Graders to high school juniors and seniors applying to university.
Jessica has taken all of her real world knowledge from teaching in a K-8 parochial school just outside of Washington, D.C., and  professional nannying for families up and down the Eastern Seaboard and recognized that she has a true talent for empowering little ones to believe in themselves and conquer the potty.
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Jenny Phelps 

Mama to Maia, wife to Ben, based in Los Angeles. I received my OCPT certification in 2015, and have worked with Jamie Glowacki personally on nearly 100 clients. I have a decade of experience as an educator, and a lifetime as an artist. I bring the thoughtfulness and creativity essential to both of these disciplines to my work as a potty training consultant.
Oh Crap Potty Training With Jenny

Lily Horbatiuk

Lily is a Pediatric Sleep Consultant and Potty Training Consultant. She is the mama behind Lil Baby Sleep and provides customized support to help parents conquer developmental milestones with ease.

Lily believes that understanding and offering personalized strategies that you feel comfortable implementing is the key to ensuring long-term success. Along with this, parents receive the highest level of support, information, and tools via an online platform to help them feel confident and ready to never have to stress about sleep or changing diapers again. It’s possible for everyone!
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Candida Grasso  


I have to say I’m obsessed with all things Jamie. I love both her books and especially her podcast; it set me on the path of healing my trauma in order to be a better parent to my son. I started potty training my son at 20 months and after a few months realized I was going to need help. So I hired her and it was the best experience! With her guidance, I began to realize that my own intuition as a mother was very good and I only had to learn to trust it. I soon realized that I wanted to be able to help other parents the way she was able to help me.  (Pee withholding specialist.)
It's In The Potty!

Dalia Braverman   


Dalia Braverman is a OCPT consultant in Mexico City. Being a mother of 3 young kids she understands all the challenges that mothers go through while potty training their kids. You can look her up on her web page where she will be delighted to help you in English or Spanish.
The Potty Trainer Mexico

Trecia Spencer Stewart

Email me to set up an appointment: 
[email protected]
Or find me on FB or IG at msciaspottycamp.
I’m a teacher and a mom who has been down the potty training road with hundreds of children in child care/home care settings.  I created  Ms. Cia's Potty Training Camp in order to support families with the potty training journey. I am a Certified Potty Training Consultant located in Maryland ready to answer your questions and guide you as your little one becomes independent.  Just like any other milestones in life, potty training should be celebrated and although it can be stressful, having the right strategies and support are essential. 

Rebecca Lampert

Rebecca Lampert is a certified potty training consultant and the founder of Two P's In A Potty in Toronto, Canada. She is also the mother of two little girls who inspire her everyday.. With a background of working with children in a variety of settings, Rebecca is passionate about assisting families during this important milestone. Rebecca is able to assist you with potty training your little ones from start to finish while supporting you along the way. Each child is different so she helps you find what will work best for your little one. You can book a free 15 minute discovery call to see how I can best assist you.
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Claudine Gagnon

I am an ECE who decided to help parents reach their children's autonomy a couple of years ago. Since then, I worked with parents in group classes, workshops, one-on-one training and as a Nanny. As I was working more and more with 2 years old in my daily practice, I certified in potty training to be able to help my clients. I speak French and English and work virtually as well as 60km around Montreal, Québec, Canada. 
Services : one-on-one consultation, group workshops, online group support and more.  
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Cara Smith 

My past in arts education and private nannying has shown me the full gamut in children’s behavior. Stormy tantrums have left me winded, but I have also felt the joy of seeing the inspired creativity that only a child has, making every caretaking effort worthwhile. 
Potty training is an exciting time of growth and development-- however, concerns pop up and plans go awry. I’m here to support you through these uncertain moments and guide you towards your potty training goals.
Services: phone/zoom consultations and in-home for the Bay Area. 
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Kristine McCarren PT, DPT

I taught my daughter how to float independently at 6 months old and swim independently at 14 months old. Potty training would be a piece of cake, right? WRONG! After an unsuccessful attempt with a three day method, I began to question if my 2 year old was “ready.” As a science-based thinker, I refused to believe that she wasn’t. That’s when I found the “Oh Crap Potty Training” method. I read the book, but we were still facing some potty training obstacles, so I booked a consult with an Oh Crap consultant. Things improved tremendously, and my husband and I were so impressed, I decided to get certified to help others navigate this important, amazing milestone. The process of potty training my own daughter and completing the Oh Crap Potty Training Certification turned out to be directly parallel to my experience teaching survival swim skills. 
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Asia Culbreth

Meet Asia Culbreth, the dynamic force behind Potty Over Here, a luxury potty training company revolutionizing the way preschoolers embrace this milestone. With a contagious energy and warmth, Asia leads the charge in transforming potty training into a swift and delightful experience. Drawing on over 15 years of dedicated work with children and backed by 5 years of specialized behavior training, Asia possesses a unique understanding of the developmental needs of young minds. Her commitment to making the potty training journey efficient and enjoyable is reflected in Potty Over Here's three-day success mantra. As a mother of four and a serial entrepreneur, Asia's passion for child development extends beyond her professional endeavors. Potty Over Here not only offers virtual solutions but also brings the expertise directly to your home and willing to travel directly to you. With Asia at the helm, Potty Over Here is not just a service; it's a warm, personalized, and efficient approach to helping your child embrace this important milestone with joy and confidence. 
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Caren Kossowicz

Hello, my name is Caren Kossowicz. I'm a dedicated and experienced potty training specialist, sleep consultant and parenting educator with a wealth of knowledge in child development. With a true passion for helping families navigate important childhood milestones I offer comprehensive support in potty training, sleep training and overall parenting guidance. With a deep understanding of the crucial connection between successful potty training, healthy sleep habits and positive parenting techniques I'm adept at providing personalized strategies tailored to each child and family. Drawing on my background as a seasoned sleep consultant and parenting educator I combine evidence-based practices with empathetic guidance creating a nurturing and empowering experience for parents and children alike. Trusted for my expertise and compassionate approach I'm committed to equipping parents with the necessary tools and knowledge to foster a positive and stress-free transition to independent toilet use and healthy sleep routines. My website : my IG page: @citakoss
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Amy Weber

I am a licensed clinical social worker, specializing in work with neurodivergent (ASD, ADHD, Anxious, and/or Traumatized) children and their families.  I have over 25 years of experience helping families with all sorts of developmental and behavioral challenges, and I'd love to help your family, too.  In addition to being an Oh Crap Potty Training Consultant, I also have extensive training in SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions), Child/Adolescent Psychotherapy, Sleep Training, and Parent Coaching.   
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