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Hey! I’m Jamie and if you’re new around these parts, I’m the resident potty training and parenting expert. One thing that cracks me up is when I meet new folks and they ask me what I do and I tell them, they always ask, “How many kids DO you have?”

Like I must have a least a dozen to be an “expert”.

 I have one. Pascal. Who’s now a teenager. We homeschool, we snowboard, we travel, and generally have a freaking ridiculously awesome time together. Yes, some of our awesome was due to my parenting and a whole lot of it was due to his nature.
We have less control than we think in parenting. There’s no magic formula to turning out the perfect kid. Our job is to assist in the blossoming, to lay the path, with boundaries and love. But our kids will walk that path alone, as all humans must.
Our job is turn out capable adults who are not entitled assholes. Most of us know this. We know we don’t want to raise assholes. And yet, we accidentally often do a whole lot background things that make this so. Or at the very least, create the very shitty behavior we’d like to avoid. 

I’m not an expert because of Pascal. I’m an expert because I’ve worked with thousands of families, in the trenches, one-on-one. My roots are in social work where I worked with dual diagnoses mothers and their kids. It’s where I learned to teach potty training on a broad scale. It’s where I studied and learned child development and parenting. I wrote Oh Crap! Potty Training when I realized my very own community was wildly misinformed about potty training. I owned a store at the time and by request started teaching classes. It took off from there. 

Working for years on such a crazy making milestone, with this age group has allowed me to see the parenting pendulum swing from side to side. Right now, we’re all a little bit crazy.
We're over-parenting in some respects and under-parenting in others. I love working with families like yours. Figuring out what's important to YOU and YOUR value system. From there we can move onto teaching your little one how to self regulate and begin to act like a human.
None of us gets out unscathed. Parenting isn't easy or for the faint of heart. But hopefully, I can help make it a little sweeter than it is right now.

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