Please read and adhere to the following before booking with me. 


 I'm currently not working with any children over the age of 4 for potty training issues. 

 If your child is experiencing ANY pooping problems please get my Pooping Solutions program. I only consult with poop cases after you've gone through and implemented the material in the course.  

 I'm not an emergency service. I often book at least a week in advance. Please don't anticipate a next day appointment.

 If you haven't read my book, please do so.  



There are 2 ways to work with me: in-home and remotely (monthly). Remotely, we'll schedule a zoom meeting to get the whoooole story. Then we work on Voxer, a walkie-talkie app...almost daily. This way, I can really learn what's going on and fix things quickly.  Cost for the month: $575.


I also offer in-home potty training + parent coaching. For me to be the most effective with your child and family, I work best in the home environment. We'll work together to bring peace and harmony to your home, no matter what your little one is going through.

If you are interested in this service please email me at [email protected] to discuss your situation, if we're a good fit, and booking.  
My rate is $300 an hour, minimum 8 hours a day, minimum 3 days plus travel and accommodations. 
If you would like to work with a consultant other than me via phone, email, or's a list of our awesome certified Oh Crap Consultants.