The Great Potty Challenge!!! JULY, 2015   Recently updated !

Dude. We have THE best deal for you. It’s limited and there are rules so come here, listen closely. You’ve probably heard I signed a fancy book deal with Simon and Schuster. The launch for the revamped, beautiful book with new bonus material  is June 16th…whoo-hoo! The book is also available for PRE-ORDER.  That means […]

Potty Training

Parenting and Potty Training

Stop Quizzing My Homeschooling Kid

I’m not entirely sure what’s behind this compulsion but I’m asking the world in general to please stop randomly quizzing my homeschooling child. I understand you are well-meaning. I understand that you may have doubts that my child is up to par. I understand that you may not fully “get” homeschooling and so you are […]

Class Dismissed Movie

Movie Review; Class Dismissed

My local homeschool group, ENRICHri will be hosting a showing of the movie Class Dismissed, A film about learning outside the classroom. I was asked to do a review of the film before hand, because as we all know, I tend to be vocal in my opinion. This film is amazing. If you have even […]

Balance: How Do I “Do It All”?

At least once a day, I’m asked how I balance it all; homeschooling, owning a thriving business, self-care, recreational aerialist, all as a single mom. I’ve really struggled with an answer for this. Apparently, I put on a really good show of “doing it all.”  Um. Yeah.  I don’t do it all. But I do […]

Parenting and Potty Training

Parenting and Potty Training

The Kid Who Just Can’t Release The Pee

This is a very common scenario. You start potty training. Everything is going great. The child quickly understands the feeling of having to go pee. They tell you. They sit. And nothing. Nada. Zilch. That’s cool. They get up, go about their business. Have the feeling. Tell you. Go and sit. More nothing. This goes […]

Parenting and Potty Training

Is Night Training Really Necessary?

If potty training itself has the potential to scare the bejeezus out of parents, then night training has the potential to cause full blown panic attacks. WAKE A SLEEPING CHILD? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I get parents practically shouting at me through the internet. So of course, the next question then becomes, is night training […]