Parent Coaching
Being a parent is the hardest job you'll ever do. And I'm here to make it easier.

We have SO MUCH freaking information available to us, ALL. THE. TIME. It's so easy to get twisted about what's right for our kids, what's right for our family, and what's right for US.

The first 6 years of your child's life are most important. This is the foundation for the rest of their growth. If you are struggling with behavior now, it will get worse. If you lay the foundation properly...the years that follow with be filled with loving growth, not contentious fighting and negotiating.
I specialize in those first 6 years. I speak toddler. I LOVE this age range.
I can help you navigate the toddler mind with ease and grace. Without discipline.
Without the all-mighty but ineffective "time-outs".
Without yelling. Or fighting. Or negotiating. Every. Little. Thing.

We will create boundaries and expected behavior based on YOUR values, not some random expert who wrote a Huffington Post article. We will also bring your expectations to a realistic place, given the development of your toddler's brain. Toddler brains are missing huge areas of judgement, long term consequences, and empathy.

In my 18 years of working with parents, I've seen parents paralyzed, not knowing what's right or wrong, lost in a deluge of information. I've also know many parents attempt to use logic and reason with their toddlers. That's not how toddler brains work...YET.

Which is why you just might be going a little crazy right now.

Let's figure out what's right for YOUR family, together.
**Of note: these sessions are for general parenting solutions, not potty training. If you need help with potty training, please click here*
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