The Red Solo Cup…It’s Not Just For Beer Pong Anymore

The Red Solo Cup. Made famous by country music and drinking college students everywhere.

It is oh-so-much more than an unbreakable drinking container. It is also a most excellent Insta-Porta-Potty.

Don’t laugh, I’m serious.

Now, first off…it doesn’t have to be Red, nor Solo brand. Any wide mouth, deep container will do. And clearly, this is a better trick for boys…but actually can work surprisingly well for girls, too.

I personally discovered the RSC idea because I have one bathroom. Invariably, and I do mean always, the minute I would sit to pee, my son would announce that he had to pee. He was well beyond the little potty stage by this time and I really didn’t want to encourage peeing in say, the tub. So I started keeping a RSC under the sink, tucked away so company doesn’t ask questions and no one but no one can mistake it for a drinking vessel.

Here are just a few additional ideas for the Red Solo Cup:

In the early stages of potty training, this is great if your child needs some “switching up”…sometimes they start resisting the potty just because they’re sick of all the hoopla around it.

The RSC is good if you have a child who’s having trouble “releasing” the pee. The cup allows him to focus only on releasing, not sitting too.

It is easy to keep a cup in every room…just for emergencies. Remember; at first you only have a few seconds warning to get to the potty.

If your child is resistant to leaving the activity he’s immersed in…you can offer the cup as a choice.

If your child is in the tub and announces they have to pee, have the cup handy. Pee is sterile and it’s perfectly fine for your child to pee in the tub…but if they are ASKING, it’s best to honor the ask and respond. This is how you avoid the whole soaking wet transfer to the potty and back to the tub…which usually results in the pee going back up the child and them not having to go anyway.

Handy to keep in the car for a quick pee before entering somewhere or upon leaving somewhere. (Do yourself a HUGE FAVOR and keep a mason/ball jar with a lid in the car…just in case)

At the beach or lake…or in a snowsuit…easy pull out and do your business with hardly anyone noticing.

Sometimes for kids who are just not loving the potty, it’s just more fun.

As with just about everything I say regarding toddlers, just don’t overdo it. The RSC is an awesome back pocket trick but if you use it too much you could end up with a weird situation on your hands.
Toddlers get weird, sometimes (like always).

Then again, so does country music and drinking college students.