The Really Gross And Really Effective Playdough Poop Trick

I swear to God…

One of the biggest problems with kids and those first few poops on the potty is they can't SEE what's going on. This feeling hits and a chasm is opening and it freaks them the hell out.

So, here's a little trick that I find helps kids visually connect the FEELING with what's really happening. When they have this visual it clicks…"Ooooh…so when this happens, I need to get to the potty." This is great for kids who seem to be doing their best to get to the potty but not quite making it. You can also use this for the kid who dances around for 10 hours, hops on and off the potty and still seems weirded out by pooping.

Get yourself some playdough. Bonus points if you use brown.

Make a fist. The spot where your thumb curls around your index finger is a reasonable facsimile of the anus. Tada! Now your visual is ready. Put the brown playdough in your fist and squeeze some out. Yep. Totally gross. Kids LOVE it.  Explain to them, "When your poop is here (tucked inside your fist) but wants to come out, you tell me. When your poop is here (squeezing out of the fist), it's already out and it's too late".  If you feel really brave you can explain what all happens with the anus opening.

This is usually very fun and informative for the child. For most kids, a total lightbulb goes off for them.

And for you, it's yet another parenting moment of: Never in my life would I have seen myself doing this.