Flavia Villarinho, owner of Peachy Potty Training, teaching a local potty training class.


I'm super proud, and kind of in awe, that Oh Crap! has CONSISTENTLY been in the top 10 parenting books on Amazon since it's print release! 

You'd be hard pressed, in a group of parents, to find someone who hasn't heard of Oh Crap!

Once you finish this course, you can utilize the Oh Crap Potty Training name, if you choose. This gives you a big jump in name recognition. You are getting the best information to give the very best in help to families who are struggling. 


 Probably the most frequently asked question!

How you use your certification is totally up to you! Here are some ideas of how our other consultants are using it. But don't let this limit your creative ideas! One of the best parts of having your own business is getting to use YOUR creativity! 


Meet a few of our current consultants

Mariya Nestero

Time to Potty Train

Jenny Phelps

Oh Crap Potty Training With Jenny

 Sarah Grover

Oh Crap Potty Training Chicago

Let's compare other certifications.

Just for fun.  Most people choose to get certified in things they love. It makes sense to offer services in something you love to do! Here's just a sampling of what some of those other certifications cost. What's even crazier is that these folks will be starting from SCRATCH when they launch their business! 


$675 << This Includes Certification Course, Marketing Materials, and Support Video Meetings



The course itself consists of six modules 

¬†Building Relationships:‚ÄčWe'll cover everything from what current consultants share to boundaries with families.

 Current Cultural Norms: Much of our work consists of dispelling common cultural myths + soundbites.

 All Potty Training Solutions: This is the meat + potatoes of this course. You'll learn more than you thought possible about potty training. 

   Poop Issues: Pooping is by far, the biggest issue most kids have with potty training. Learn how best to handle every situation.

   Night Training: All the tips and trick to assist and support parents through this major leap.

   How To Properly Reset: There are times when a family needs a complete a do-over. There's a way to do this super effectively for the best turn around.


Marketing materials available upon completion    

¬†¬†Certified Expert badge‚Äč - To use on your website and social sites. Let people know you're official!

  Class flyer template - Pre-made flyers with licensed images to advertise your classes.

¬† Business card template ‚Äč- Cards are a handy tool to leave with people who might be shy about needing your services.

¬†¬†Social Media Banners‚Äč - Already sized and formatted for whichever social media outlets you'd like to utilize.


Support Video Meetings

¬† Video Platform ‚Äč- We utilize Zoom Meetings; a very user friendly video conferencing platform

  Regular meetings - Once a month, we gather to hash through any client and/or business struggles.

¬† Jam with other experts:‚ÄčWe meet as a group so we can all benefit from each other's struggles + problems.

¬† Support + Encouragement‚Äč - We have an amazing group of women who are lifting each other up. We don't foster in-biting + competition.

Yes! I'm ready to take this course!

Frequently Asked Questions

  I live near another consultant. Will that be flooding the local market?

While many of our consultants offer class in local venues, that's not the bulk of what they do. Most consult and coach clients on a global level, using online forums and groups, Skype, Facetime, email, and phone. There is no need to stay purely local.


   Do I need to take CEC?

No. Continuing Education Credits (CEC) are not necessary. This course certifies you to coach others in potty training. Our assumption is that you enjoy all things parenting and will continue to grow your knowledge base. This is not a medical certification and you will not be dispensing medical advice.


  What happens if I need extra help with a family?

The certification course comes with 6 monthly support video conferences. You may also purchase yearly support from me. This is in a closed FB group and I can walk you through any struggles you might be having with coaching.


  Do people really need potty training consulting?

Oh, my goodness! Yes! There are 12 million children in the USA ALONE who are in the potty training age range. My inbox is flooded daily with people who are struggling with this milestone. Yes. Parents really do need help with this.


   Is there a franchise fee?

No. This is not a franchise and there are no further fees besides your course fee for this certification. You may purchase a yearly listing on the main OCPT website and yearly one-on-one help with me, Jamie. Those fees are yearly and are renewable.


   I know nothing about business. Do you help with marketing and business?

This course certifies you to be an Oh Crap Consultant. While I share business tips and things that have worked for me, this isn't a business course. Your course does come with marketing materials that you can use however you wish. Our monthly video meetings almost always include a business jam; what's working for some and not for others.


¬†Do you have any other questions? Feel free to email me at [email protected]. I'm happy to chat with you!¬†