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If you don't know me, I'm Jamie Glowacki. I'm the author of Oh Crap Potty Training and Oh Crap I Have A Toddler. I specialize in both potty training and toddler behavior.  

Here's the deal, straight up. I've worked with thousands of families. And here's the truth bomb: we have less control than we think in parenting. There’s no magic formula to turning out the perfect kid. Our job is to assist in the blossoming, to lay the path, with boundaries and love. But our kids will walk that path alone, as all humans must. 

We’re expecting too much in some ways and too little in other ways. 

Mostly, because of too much information, we’re not as connected as we should be with the child who is right in front of us. We’ve come to rely on too much on outside information. I will say this till I puke: YOU ARE THE EXPERT OF YOUR CHILD. I have a huge bag of tips and tricks but I will never know your child better than you. 

Let me help you unwind the crazy. 

On a personal note, I cuss like a sailor…you can complain if you want but I’m not gonna stop. I’m real, I have shitty days, I regularly forget to shower in the parenting melee. I’m brutal about carving self care time, which for me means endurance obstacle course racing, reading crappy fiction, and making up songs on my ukulele. 

And my heart is so open, sometimes it’s all too much. 
Join me on the journey. 
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