Jenny Phelps 
Oh Crap Potty Training With Jenny

Mama to Maia, wife to Ben, based in Los Angeles. I received my OCPT certification in 2015, and have worked with Jamie Glowacki personally on nearly 100 clients. I have a decade of experience as an educator, and a lifetime as an artist. I bring the thoughtfulness and creativity essential to both of these disciplines to my work as a potty training consultant.

Services: * one-on-one consulting * Online Potty Forum * Potty Parties/Classes * Online Potty Training Classes *
Sarah Grover
Oh Crap Potty Training Chicago

Global potty training. Based in Chicago. I am passionate about fostering independence in young children. I will guide and support you on your potty training journey, whether you have yet to take that first step, are on your way but veered off course, or if you’re up a creek without a paddle! I believe no two kids are alike, and together we can help your child succeed.

Your little one will gain such confidence from this new life skill. I have coached hundreds of clients since beginning in June of 2015 and I simply love how empowered potty training makes toddlers feel.

In my past life, I was an environmental engineer, and remain a problem-solver at heart. I make my home in near Chicago with my husband and two young sons (born 2010 and 2012).
Services: * Potty Training classes (midwest area) * on-line forum support * 1:1 private consultation *
Jen L’Italien 
Oh Crap Potty Training Me To You

Mama to two kids, longtime NYC resident turned country dweller, I’m now settling my roots in Maine. While I’m not an expert on the stars, my nature does seem to mirror the Gemini-duality that matches my birthday: I’ve always been a workaholic, studious, organized person — yet I’m also a passionate, dive-right-in, intuitive observer. Kind of the perfect mix for consulting, I now see. Currently, my bread-and-butter is writing — I first worked as an editor at Real Simple magazine.

Once a Jamie Glowacki groupie when potty training my little ones, I spread the word about Oh Crap Potty Training whenever people asked how my kids were out of diapers at age 2. So I jumped at the chance to be a certified OCPT consultant and Oh Crap Potty Training From ME To You was born. I’m excited to connect with families to navigate through the highs and lows of potty training.

Services: I offer personal consultations, and I've also found that so many parents contact me because they've started potty training and are just stuck! They are unsure and not feeling confident on what to do (especially for kiddos who refuse to sit or behavior has set in). So, I designed an e-course, an Oh Crap Part 2 if you will. The course focuses on the common issues I've seen come up that are pretty quick fixes when you know what to do.  Check out my Potty Training Solutions Course HERE. 
Flavia Villarinho 

Teacher, wife, and mommy born in South Africa to an Italian family, currently doing life in Atlanta, Georgia. The potty training experience for me and my son was so empowering that I felt compelled to take this stumbled-upon passion to the next level. Summer, 2016, I began working directly with Jamie and received my OCPT certification shortly afterwards.

I adore and wholly believe in this work, and I’d be delighted to have a hand in growing the self-esteem of you and your little one.

Services: Please check out my website for all my services.
Shannah Porter is currently on maternity leave. Check back in a few months! Thank you!
Oh Crap Potty Training Texas

I am a mother of a curious preschooler and an active toddler and a former special education teacher. I have been a "fan girl" of the Oh Crap! method since potty training my first child two plus years ago, and I have recommended, gifted, and traded many copies of the book. When I found myself texting all my friends about potty training, I realized how critically important and yet complex this milestone is, so I decided to get more detailed training in Jamie's methods. 

How fun to be involved in helping build confidence in parents and watch children get to assert their independence! Before I became a mom, I helped parents potty train many children with special needs as a former elementary special education teacher, and I have found my special educator's gift of "looking closely" to be so helpful for toddler and preschool children as well. I love helping children learn and I love helping children become independent and I love talking to parents about their challenges with their kids. Someone once called me a "potty training cheerleader" and I couldn't be more excited to experience and celebrate success with you and your little one.

Services: Forum Consulting, Phone/Email Consultation, In Person Classes
Martina Lee

I am a mom to three wild and stubborn kids, and I know how hard toddlerhood can be for everyone involved! Adding potty training to the mix can push any parent over the edge. I’m here to help!

In my past professional life, I was an attorney surrounded by detail oriented micro-managers. Toddlers do not like to be micro-managed. Potty-training and parenting in general require different skills than many of us had as professionals before we became parents.

Even with the help of the Oh Crap Potty Training book, many of us encounter potty hurdles that we can’t figure out. Whatever your potty training challenges, I’m here to provide you tools so you and your little ones can have a loving, confidence building, and successful potty training experience.

I provide help online, over the phone and in-person (in the Denver area). 
Check out my website for details!
Myesha Gilley
Pottywise With Oh Crap

I am a military wife, mother, and special education teacher. When the time came to potty train them, I was overwhelmed with all of the confusing information circling the Internet about how and when to start. Thankfully, we found Oh Crap! Potty Training. I really connected with the book’s overall theme of following your intuition because it builds a relationship of trust and integrity between caregiver and child.

I truly believe in the importance of teaching a child to use the potty in a way that uplifts their self-esteem. I can help your family by providing guidance, support, and customized solutions to help teach your child this lifelong skill. Check out my website to download 5 FREE steps to potty success!

Services: Forum Support, Email Consulting, Private 1 on 1 Consulting, Classes in your community
Laura Brunskill

I am a mom to two boys and a perinatal support practitioner as well as parent educator, based in London, Ontario. I am also one of Canada's first Attached at the Heart parent educators, certified through Attachment Parenting International. I certified with Jamie in 2016, as an Oh Crap Potty Training Expert, after realizing how many parents struggle with potty training, and need knowledgeable, caring support. I truly love helping tiny humans and their parents through this important milestone.

Services: Please check out my website.
Dalia Braverman
The Potty Trainer Mexico

Dalia Braverman is a OCPT consultant in Mexico City. Being a mother of 3 young kids she understands all the challenges that mothers go through while potty training their kids. You can look herup on her web page where she will be delighted to help you in English or Spanish.
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