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NEW! For Gentle parents on the verge of losing their shit. 
This is a 4 week live parenting class to help your little one learn to self regulate when they begin to escalate and start to lose it.  I'll help you find balance, boundaries, and a new calm. And we'll keep pyscho mom out of it all. 

I know you have tools. But for whatever reasons, those tools aren't working for your family. Let me help you find new ones.  
We start February 22, 2020. This is for parenting, not potty training. 
Yes! All the info in the book, plus extras, in an easy format. If you don't have time to read and want all the best potty training information at your finger tips, without having to go through tons and tons of words...this is for YOU. Bullet pointed lessons with accompanying video to make this whole process easy on you! 
Get it done right the first time. Stop all the Googling and crowd sourcing on Facebook. Get all the right information you need, right now! 

Full Course: $47.
OH CRAP POoping Solutions Program
Pooping issues come in "levels" from mild just-not-pooping to severe withholding. This program will help you assess where your child is at and how to handle each level. I know how very dramatic pooping problems are and how they can wreak havoc on your sanity and entire household. 

If your child is experiencing any level of pooping difficulty, it's best to get help early on. 
These issues tend to escalate. Let me help your little one get pooping on the potty. 

Full Course: $47. 
NEw!!! Oh Crap daycare blueprint!!!
This course is a brand new Oh Crap baby! An amazing collaboration with me, Jamie and Jen L'Italien, this course is packed with all the info you need to get your little one back to daycare/preschool as a newly potty trained super star. 

We cover everything, from what to ask ahead of time, what to pack, scripts for prepping your child and of course, a massive troubleshooting section. Accidents? Withholding? Resisting? We've got you covered. 

Someone once wrote on Facebook, "I need another entire book for night training!"
Well...this isn't a whole's even better! A mini-course with everything I know for successful night potty training. Small, easy to digest lessons with all the things you can do to encourage and support your child to stay dry. Even if you're not actively night training (or not ready for night training! LOL)
Night Training Supplement:  $17.

Other Awesome Ways To Be Supported...
Parent and potty COACHING with JAMIE
I offer both potty training and parent coaching in a monthly support package. 
Upon purchase, you'll be linked to my scheduling app. 
We then meet for a video conference so I can gather all the pertinent information. 
We then make a plan and from there we communicate with voice texts via the Voxer App, with calls and video conferences peppered in as needed. 

This kind of support allows me to keep very current with your struggles and keeps us in closer contact so that as situations arise, we can deal with them more in the moment. 

I love being able to offer this kind of support but please bear in mind that I am an actual human, a mom, and a person. I'm not "on-demand" and I do sleep and eat and take Sundays off :) 

You can also get potty training support with any one of our: Oh Crap Certified Consultants!
Group Parent Coaching. THIS IS NOT POTTY TRAINING SUPPORT. This is for all the fun parenting stuff. 
I'm finding pure magic in my group coaching! We're an awesome bunch of supportive, vulnerable parents working it all out. There's something beautiful about other like-minded parents bearing witness to our struggles and knowing we're not alone. If you'd like to join us, I'd love to have you. This is obviously less hands-on than private support but it's crazy good if you're feeling just a little lost.  Click here for the deets. 
Jen L'italien's Potty Solutions course
Jen has been a Certified Oh Crap Consultant for over two years. In that time, she realized that many, many parents were getting stuck in the early potty training days. They loved the Oh Crap philosophy, did things "by the book", and yet were getting tripped up. They didn't need a full consultation. They needed a boost, a bit more.  Jen designed this beautiful course for just that situation. 

If there were an Oh Crap Part 2, this would be it! It's an extension of solutions for problems that Jen's run into in her private practice. Of note, parents who've taken the course are thrilled with the results, particularly how to handle behavior and potty training. As well as even more about pooping struggles. 

For full course details or to contact Jen, CLICK HERE. 
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