ARGH. This is part rant of the week...year...lifetime. And part informational. I see this all the time but I just saw it again. Up close. So, it's itching, right under my skin.

Other mom: He's really interested in the toilet. He loves watching everyone go pee. It's so cute.

Some other person (cause I stay way, far away from pottying conversations in crowds): Oh, you should start potty training.

Other mom: Oh! No! I'm going to wait till he's ready.

I'm going to say this in my no-nonsense, I-mean-business, Mommy Voice.


When your child shows interest...RESPOND.

Because here's the kicker: THAT DOESN'T BUILD. IT ISN'T CUMULATIVE. Because he's showing interest today does NOT mean he's going to show MORE tomorrow or the next day or next month.  IT GOES AWAY.  When we don't RESPOND to interest, if it's not on OUR radar, the child will walk away from it as well.

Now...not every child shows that interest which is why we then look to CAPABILITY as opposed to readiness. But good lord...when the interest is there, PLEASE jump on it.  That interest is almost always between 18 and 24 months.

Most of you know my hard party line goes for CAPABLE over READY anyway. This is why. Even when ready is being pretty much shouted, many people ignore it or don't see it.

Don't do that. Respect your child's interest in this. Not just because it's good for them. Trust me: It's good for YOU. This is the time of potty training with ease.

*end rant*