oh crap. potty training the book


Here it is! THE definitive guide to potty training! Chock full of CURRENT trends in parenting and pottying. This book is ALL NEW and I am totally excited about it!

As you might know, I originally wrote Oh Crap 4 years ago. In just that little amount of time, things have changed drastically. More Moms are working full time and daycares need to be addressed. More Moms are starting to EC and don’t know how to “seal the deal”. More Moms want something more in line with their parenting philosophy. And thankfully, more Moms are just KNOWING that 3 and 4 years old is too old to be wearing a diaper.

You asked questions and I wrote. And wrote. And I’m offering the last 10 years of working DIRECTLY with Moms (and some Dads). All of what is here has been tried and sampled and finely honed with real people. This isn’t theory. This isn’t bullshit. This is real world potty training. From in the trenches with Moms like you.

This book outlines every step you will take in potty training and answers all your questions.

Think of it as the “What To Expect When Expecting” of potty training.

I don’t have a “method”. I don’t have a trick. Potty training simply means removing diapers. The new book walks you through the easiest way to do this.

What happens next is the key. How your child reacts to removing the diapers. How they learn to use the potty and what can happen that may trip them up.

Some children sit and go on the potty and everything is swell. Some children have a gap in learning, some child kick up some crazy behavior, and some children just need your commitment and consistency to know what to do.


…it’s in this book.