parenting and potty training

There are some HEATED opinions about potty training. Among them...the wait-till-they're-ready theorists. We can wax philosophical all we want but I like to remind people that there really is a HUGE reason why potty training has gotten harder over the years.  WHY generations before us didn't have the potty training struggles we have now.

Of course,  there are many factors. Societal changes, a huge amount of conflicting information on the world wide web that can be confusing to parents, busier schedules, two parents working outside the home; yes, these are also among the biggest factors.

But DISPOSABLE DIAPER USE is the reason, the absolute, no-holds-barred reason that potty training has gotten harder.

The "amazing" wicking power, that diaper companies continue to "improve" keeps your child FEELING DRY (not actually dry) for HOURS. Think about that. They can not feel the wetness. Why would they be ready to ditch this life-long habit if they can't even FEEL the wetness?

The "amazing" thinness of current diapers. Children have no bulk on their bottoms. In past generations,  the sheer bum-bulk of cloth diapers, inhibited the frenzy of toddler movement. Children were "ready" to get these soaking wet, huge pieces of diaper off their butts as soon as they could.

"Ready" in past generations, was around 18-24 months. Today it's 3 and a half. Diaper companies have DOUBLED the life of their products. And we're not even talking about special night time disposables.

This is NOT a judgement if you use disposables. This is not a rally cry for cloth diapers. This is not an opinion at all on what you've used or do use or will use on your child's bottom to catch their pee and poop.

I'm merely stating that the IMPETUS for a child to be out of diapers has been largely removed with disposable diaper use.

It's something to think about if you are "waiting till your child is ready". Be sure you know what you are looking for.

If you are thinking that you do want to "wait till he's ready" yourself a huge favor and buy a few cloth diapers for that final stretch of diaper use. Your child will appear "ready" faster than you will. The longer I do this work, the more I run into children who are never "ready".  I regularly get clients going into kindergarten who were never "ready".

If you are struggling with night training, go to cloth. Feeling the wetness can be so powerful for most kids.

Now, to be sure, I'm not saying cloth diapering guarantees an easy breezy potty training experience for every kid out there but in general, for most kids, it's the disposables that are getting in the way.

If a child can't feel the negative thing (wetness) and it's not getting in their way (not bulky; not impeding mobility), and doesn't need any focus or attention (diaper now can hold more wetness)....really...why on earth would your child want to change things?


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