I gotta bitch for a second. I've been really pissed about some things and all of sudden,  I don't know why... I suddenly remembered that I have a blog and I get to bitch about stuff if I want.  So. I'm going to start a regular Rant of the Week. Feel free to rant away with me. Or not. These may or may not pertain to potty training.


This week: One of the many MIXED MESSAGES we as parents receive daily.

Can we please get a nationwide decision: Are our kids fat and lazy and don't go out to play anymore? Or are they going to get kidnapped the minute we take our eyes off them?  Cause really...I'm tired of hearing both sides.

I'm tired of hearing about the good ole days. I'm tired of hearing that our kids are lazy and don't go out to play anymore and it's all technology's fault. Meanwhile, I know a person who called the cops because she saw a 4th grader walking to school alone.

If we let our kids run free outside of fenced in playgrounds: people call the cops or Social Services. And yet, if I stay with my child and keep my eye on him, I'm a helicopter mom who has to schedule play (insert scornful look).


Yeah, yeah, yeah...I understand that a lot depends on your neighborhood, your child and parenting is always an assessment of risk at any given moment. But I'm really tired of hearing these 2 blanket sides. And no offense, but it's usually the...ahem...older generation playing both sides of this fence. Hm.

*end rant*