Argh. If I see one more article in my newsfeed with the gist of,  "You're not allergic to gluten, you're just a whiner", I'm gonna scream.

Yes. I get it. I know a lot of people jumped on the gluten-free bandwagon with no clue if gluten is what's making them feel crappy.

I get that a lot of folks don't even really know what gluten is.

I get that it's become a fad, a "thing", and that some people are using "gluten-free" to be a major PITA. And maybe feel a little special.

I get that it's become an industry. A high priced one. And I totally get "gluten-free" has become misconstrued as "healthy", just like the term "organic" has been misused and abused. And believe me, I know that "gluten-free" products are usually no more than over-priced, highly processed crap.

I get it.

But here's the thing.

For once, I see people around me trying to take charge of their health. I see people saying, "You know what? I am not feeling my best. I feel kinda crappy. I wonder if it's gluten."  I see people NOT waiting for a doctor to tell them something is wrong with them. I see people addressing NUTRITION as a possible culprit for ill health. I see people going against a medical system that doesn't have time to hear their whole story. To hear the minor ills that keep them from full health. I see people willing to try SOMETHING other than big pharma to heal themselves.

So get off our collective backs. Does it make you feel good to snicker? 'Cause I see these articles accompanied by a lot of snickering. Like, " dummies have just bought into another fad." Shame on you for the snickering.

There's a group of us that are willing to take charge of our bodies and realize that what we put into it has everything to do with how we feel.  So. Just shut up about it.

I for one, don't give a rat's ass if "science has proven it's impossible to be sensitive to gluten". I know I'm not celiac.  But I also know I feel like utter crap if I eat gluten. I feel bloated, tired, and I exhibit seasonal allergy symptoms. I get diarrhea even though if feels like I have a lead ball in my bowels and I feel strangely full and simultaneously still hungry. I know my arthritis gets awful and it's hard for me to even move. Maybe it's not the gluten. Maybe it's the fructans, or FODMAPS, or maybe too much gluten is really just too many carbs.

AND MAYBE IT'S ALL IN MY HEAD. I don't know. But I know I feel like shit if I eat it. And I know that I saw tons of specialists for my arthritis and they all wanted me on pills and when I gave up grains and gluten, my arthritis pain went away.

I know that MANY, MANY clients have taken gluten out of their kid's diet and have seen huge behavioral changes.  I know when I took gluten out of my son's diet, his bleeding eczema went away. I know his focus improved.

Maybe you could argue that without gluten filled products, we just eat more nutritionally dense.

I don't know. And I don't care. ALL  I KNOW IS THAT I FEEL AWESOME.

And EVEN if it's all in my head. Even if it's a placebo. WHY THE HELL DO YOU CARE SO MUCH???

Why does this, even if it's a fad...why does MY PLATE AND MY CHOICE enrage you?

Is that you are so afraid of being "taken" by a fad that you won't even TRY something to feel your very best? Are we really that bitter as a society? Does it make you feel superior to think that others are being taken in by a fad? Is that it? 'Cause I can't figure out why it's so important to try and disprove this.

I for one, LOVE, love, love that people are trying to claim their health back through nutrition. I for one, LOVE that people aren't waiting for an official diagnosis, so they can run to the pharmacy. I love that people are seeing nutrition as THEIR FUEL and if their nutrition sucks they have sucky performance. I love that people aren't waiting till they break down to fix themselves. That people are realizing that NOT feeling your best most of the time means something needs adjusting.

Yes. Gluten-free products are crap. And expensive. I personally have seen my health get to FULL TILT AWESOME by giving up grains, not just gluten. Yes, you can eat technically "gluten-free" and still be consuming just pure junk.  But kudos to you for trying something new.

And to the haters: Bite me.

G'head. Really. Bite me.  I'm gluten-free.