Even though I’m a potty trainer, I don’t appreciate the poop talk from my 4.5 year old the way you think I might. It’s really hard to tolerate. Like at all.
I know many of my friends struggle with this, along with butt crack showing, butt hole jokes (the way only 4 and 5 year old siblings can) and general poopy-head-ness.

I have tried just about everything.

“No more poop talk, please.”

“If you talk about poop, you must go to the bathroom.”

“Nuh-uh. YOU’RE a poop-head.”

I even tried the over-load theory. I had an entire conversation peppered with poop words in all their various forms. I was met with gales of laughter. This was more than extremely amusing to my son and he proceeded to turn the entire evening into pure poop talk.

This whole poop talk thing is, I guess, age appropriate and even warranted enough concern from parents for my son’s pre-school to send out a newsletter.

“Children at this age like playing with language and combining silly words for effect, etc…” Yada, yada, yada.

I value his educators to no end.

But. Seriously. Whatever.

Then I tried a novel approach. I ignored it.

Lo and behold! Poop talk has been reduced to MAYBE one “poop” a day. AND even that ONE, elicits an apology.

And then I started to realize how hard it truly is to ignore this talk.


I mean, honestly, it does no harm. It’s annoying but no more annoying than most of my son’s precious toddler moments. I think it’s hard to ignore because it FEELS like something I SHOULD correct. It FEELS disrespectful even though he’s never used it in a truly disrespectful way (like when he’s mad at me, he’s never called me a poop head).

And WORSE, this feels like something I should reprimand WHEN OTHER PEOPLE ARE AROUND. And I hate THAT feeling.

Oh! The power behind The Ignore. It takes all the power...I mean fun...out of it when we, the parents don't react.