As you all know, I'm vehemently against the Artist Formerly Known As The Diaper: The Pull Up.
I am also constantly pulling apart all the various reasons that potty training has become such a confusing ordeal.

Here's my latest. I'm big fan of Craigslist. I'm often looking under the Baby + Kid section. Time and time again, I see size 4, size 5, size 6 pull-ups for sale (along with a little note: "My kid finally potty trained and we don't need these anymore").

Usually, I roll my eyes. Jeez. Size 5 and size 6 pull-ups. I can't imagine it.

But just yesterday I started thinking about Big Diaper Propaganda and this particular line of thinking.

I wonder how many parents think, consciously or unconsciously, that because they make pull-ups in these big sizes, kids must need them. Or that, heck, they make a size 6 so a size 4 is perfectly normal.

What they've done to us is "raised the bar" in a bad way. They've put it out there that it's normal to wear pull-ups up to size 6.
So parents figure it's okay.

It's driving me crazy...the way these big companies are re-adjusting parents' thinking and people are BUYING IT! Literally.

Pull ups are diapers. Most children in a size 4,5, or 6 shouldn't be in diapers.
Don't buy this idea that your kid needs pull-ups.