But boy howdy, I am now.

From the minute I could feel the first flutters of movement inside my uterus, my child let me know that he would be a regular 5:30 am-ish waker-upper. As he grew, so did the cartwheels within...none so enthusiastic as those early morning ones.

So I knew it was coming. And it's never relented. Occasionally, he'll sleep till 6:36ish (you tend to notice the exact time when your kid gets up early)...but not much later than that.

And even though it's so regular you'd think I'd have gotten used to it...there are still some mornings when it's like: OMG...are you freaking kidding me???

And when I wake up cranky, guess who turns crankalicious right there with me?

So, in order to help with cranky pants I and II and to help curb the inherent greed factor of the toddler, we implemented what we call Gratitude In The Morning.  First thing out of our mouths is: Good Morning!  Today, I am grateful for...And we both list 5 things.

At first, Pascal was of course, grateful for material things. But as time goes on and I am grateful for things like clean drinking water, he's taken on a bigger view of gratitude. It's pretty cool. And for me, no matter how much I'm all are-you-freaking-kidding-me...I too, take on a bigger view of how very lucky we are.

Last year, we tacked on him writing his gratitude list...just for handwriting practice. But he loves his little gratitude notes and often goes back  to look at them.

I believe happiness can be a choice we make.

Everyday, I try to make a good choice.