Parenting and potty training

Recently, I had a book signing in Minnesota (at Wild Rumpus,the best bookstore in the whole world, that you have to get to at some point in your life). Pascal and I stayed with my amazing step cousins, Angela and Mike. Mike is super into brewing beer and also making THE cup of espresso. He's got the lala-foo-foo machine. Right next to the lala-foo-foo bean grinder. For the lala-foo-foo beans. They have a whole COUNTER devoted to the art of that cup of espresso.

Now, I'm more of a drink-as-much-as-possible-and-get-shit-done-fast kind of girl. But when in Rome...make a special cup of caffeine. We get up at 6:00am on a regular basis, so every morning I had the machine to myself. I got super into the beauty of crafting this cup of espresso. I liked taking that time to care about it. And then I sat and enjoyed it without doing anything else but sipping that espresso and thinking of nothing at all.

And a few magical things happened. 

  1. One cup of espresso is actually plenty of caffeine for me (even though at home I bust through a couple of French presses before noon).
  2. One cup of espresso (only one)  super helps with not peeing 800 times a day. And man...that's kind of great!
  3. Taking something mundane and making it slow and beautiful has had a huge effect on me.
  4. Sitting with my coffee and enjoying just that coffee has also changed everything for me.

Mindfulness is all the rage right now. Be mindful. Teach your kids to be mindful. Be a mindful parent with your kids. It's so overstated that it's almost lost it's meaning.  And yeah, I try to be mindful but I'm a busy mom like everyone else and I got shit that's not going to get done by itself. You know? I know you do.

So I move FAST. Ask anyone. I'm a speed demon. I wreck to-do lists. I'm always on time. I do a LOT, for my kid, for my business, for myself. I do my best to connect with my child and chill out my overactive brain and settle my nerves all time. I do yoga, man. I meditate and shit. But I had this revelation upon returning home. And trust me...I know this isn't a new discovery or anything but it's hitting me hard.

Fuck multitasking. I started doing ONE THING AT A TIME. And doing that one thing fully. With my focus. With intention. And it's hard. And it's wonderful.

I'm drinking my small cup of super strong coffee (Did I mention not having to pee 800 times a day?). I'm sitting and enjoying that one cup. Then I'm walking the dog. And just walking the dog and enjoying the walk (not making my to-do list in my head). And when I'm washing the dishes, I'm just washing the dishes. Sure, I let my mind wander a bit but I'm not doing one thing while thinking about the next. And I'm not actually trying to DO three things at once. Parenting and potty training

Yes, I have an interrupting kid who's needy when I'd like him not to be (cause that's like, the law). And yes, sometimes life gets backed up and we have to run like fools. But I gotta tell you...this slowing down for me...this making daily life sacred...

It's juicy. It feels decadent in a world that wants to shove things into my time and make me BUSY.  It feels luxurious because when I'm with Pascal, I'm really WITH HIM. Dialed in. In sync. That's some powerful mojo.

And I'm getting just as much done. Maybe even more. Hell, I even wrote a blog post, which I haven't done since June.

Walking this path a little slower. A little more tenderly feels so. damn. good. Making every action in my pretty unexciting life beautiful...intentional...crafted...

I don't know. It's so very, very  yummy. I feel terribly badass. Like I'm having my own quiet revolution.