I'm a Mom. With a capital M. I work with Moms and I hang out with Moms. All with capital Ms.

Parenting is most often the topic of conversation. Good parenting. Bad parenting. And our fear that OUR parenting is bad. Or not enough.  Or something. But I almost never hear, "I'm doing a good job. I'm a great parent".

Ironically, it's most often those of us who are reading and thinking about parenting that are the most worried about our parenting.

Let me assure you of a few things of which I'm certain.

Just by you being here, right now, puts you in the upper echelon of parenting. You are reading a blog about an aspect of parenting. That means your mind and your heart are open to other ideas and suggestions.

You may have bought my book, which means you knew how to ask for help in an area of parenting that you were uncertain about.

Asking for help or admitting you don't know something is an amazing skill.

If you have ANY sort of philosophy on parenting, your kid is going to make out okay. You'll probably make a lot of mistakes and you'll probably learn by trial and error...but just HAVING a philosophy means you care.

In fact, CARING about your parenting means you're a great parent.

We are humans. We are going to make mistakes. Your kid is going to make mistakes. Forgive and move on. Forgive YOURSELF.

All your child really needs is your love. Everything else is going to be just fine.


I think we all forget that. We've been convinced, largely by the media, that if we do everything "right" we will turn out perfect little humans.  And it's not true. There is no right and there certainly aren't any perfect humans.

But I'm certain that if you stay present, offer your love and an open heart, your kid is going to be great.

In my last post, I made a plea for us to stop judging each other.

That means you. YOU STOP JUDGING YOU. You are a great Mom. With a capital M.