I'm the kind of Mom that loves Western medicine when it's needed but generally, I prefer natural remedies whenever possible.


We don't get the flu shot and though I vaccinated, I did so in single doses, on my own schedule and not the full load.
The one and only ear infection Pascal ever got was in the midst of a high fever and I went for the recommended antibiotics. In general, I think antibiotics are overused and are not great for little systems. Except, of course, when you absolutely need them.

I also know that sometimes natural remedies/products either don't work as well (like deodorant) or take longer to work.  Sometimes, you just don't have time.

I've long heard that garlic oil is a great alternative remedy to antibiotics for ear infections. But the one time I had the opportunity to try, I felt I needed the quick Western alternative.

Well, our New Years Eve was spent with Pascal crying every 20 minutes. It looked just like an ear infection to the naked eye but I wasn't heading to the ER on NYE. We made do that night and in the morning, he seemed fine. Nonetheless, I went and bought some garlic oil (with Mullein and St John's Wart) to have on hand.

Then again, last night: MY EAR HURTS!!!!

I put a couple of drops in his ear, massaged it a bit and he snuggled up on my chest so it wouldn't drip out.  HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER!!  Within 10 minutes, he was fine and sleeping.  That's fast.

One more dose around 4 am and the same thing. He's now in school and so far so good.

The verdict is still out. I don't know for a fact, if it's an ear infection or just an ear ache.  And it's only been 8 hours since I dosed him, so I don't know if it's "all gone".

But I'm super impressed that it worked so fast in the moment for that gut-wrenching, pain-filled cry. Is there anything worse than a boo-boo you can't immediately help? I don't think so.

I'll be keeping a good supply of garlic oil in the medicine chest. That's for sure.

(pictured is the exact brand I used)