Who This Is For

I am not a doctor and make no claim to dispense medical advice.

My personal potty training experience runs the gamut, including special needs kids. In an effort to get you the BEST help possible with potty training the following statements are what I have found to be true, in my own experience.

This book will work for you IF:

  • You have no idea how to begin potty training
  • You have attempted potty training and it's not going well
  • Your child's age is somewhere between 16 months and 3 and 1/2
  • You know you are messing it up but have no idea why

This book is NOT for you IF:

  • Your child is over 4 years old and showing extreme resistance. This warrants more specific assistance than I provide in this book
  • Your child is under 16 months. It's COMPLETELY possible to have a diaper-less child under 16 months. This is simply a different approach than my book offers and is referred to as Elimination Communication, Diaper Free Babies, Hygiene Training or Infant Potty Training. There are many books and experts on this approach which, by the way, I highly recommend going over to EC Simplified.  Andrea and I work closely together.

Special Needs Kids: This Book MAY Work

I know many parents who have used my book to potty train their special needs child. However, we all know that your child has his own quirks and idiosyncrasies.

Generally speaking, most kids won't get an official diagnosis until they are around 3.5 to 4 years old. This is way past the window of opportunity for effortless potty training. In my experience, when your child IS in the window of 20-30 months, most parents suspect something is "not right". Usually, this is due to a speech delay and/or gross motor skill delay. Understandably, parents are advised to "pick your battle". This is completely up to you. I do know that the longer you delay potty training, the harder it gets.

You must realize that your child's particular diagnosis will be a huge part in his potty training. Obviously, if your child has Oppositional Defiance Disorder, your child most likely will be defiant about the transition from diapers to potty. Kids with Sensory Integration Disorder will have issues with the feel of the potty chair and/or pooping. Children with Autism will run the gamut, depending on the severity of their diagnosis.

If you are here and your child is older than 3, my book may be helpful to you but you will want to approach potty training in conjunction with your Occupational Therapist or other specialist you may be working with.