This here is The Great Pascal's Magic Show (the silver fedora in the background was my contribution).  He received this magic show from the ultimate Magician...The Great Mr. Claus.

Spoiler alert: it was really me who bought it.


And here, I was...thinking I was Queen of Sheba...thinking of  THE BEST GIFT in the world. He adores magic and has been playing around with inventing really lame cool tricks. So...voila!  Perfect gift! No?


First off, is the obvious: I somehow missed my own automatic, unconscious calculation whenever purchasing a toy for Pascal: How many:  HEY MA!  LOOK AT THIS!!  is said toy going to elicit?  Let me tell you: magic shows require audiences and do overs and all kinds of watching. Which, don't get me lovely...for the first 2 hours.

But secondly...this gift kind of sucked and I didn't see this coming.

I had to kill the Magic.

He was so earnest, "No, Mom. I don't want to learn the trick. I want to learn how to make something REALLY disappear."

Awww. Maaaan.

So now, I'm the one in charge of DASHING the magic.  And what sucks is I believe in magic and miracles. And I'm trying to explain the difference between magic and magic.  This blows.  I didn't see it coming. It's not a terrible thing... having to explain sleight of hand vs. the magic of life. But it's bumming me out that I have to say, "Well...THAT doesn't really happen. Not here, right now." least for now... he seems no worse for the wear. It doesn't appear that I've totally screwed with his childhood or anything. But I'm sure there's still time.

Till then, we're both cool with waiting for his letter from Hogwarts.

To, you know... learn the REAL spells.