Become an Oh Crap! Expert Consultant

Build your business in days or weeks, not months or years.

A simple, flexible, easily digestible course to start your own potty training consulting business.

Why become a potty training consultant?

Create your own schedule.

C’mon. Let’s be honest. Who DOESN’T want to make their own schedule? You want to spend more time with your family. You can’t or don’t want to work the typical 9-5 job.  You see this on-line everyday in all sorts of forms: make money on your own time! But what does that even mean?

With a consulting business, you get to choose your own hours. Work as much or as little as you want. It’s as simple as that.  You are your own boss; you get to choose!  Some of our experts work full time and others do their work when their little ones are sleeping. You don’t have to take clients if you don’t want to or you can book yourself silly.

Do meaningful work.

There is nothing more gratifying the restoring peace and harmony to the household of a struggling family! Some of the thank you’s will make you cry. Potty training can wreak havoc on a household. So many people find that after becoming parents, they just can’t go back to pushing papers for work. They crave truly meaningful work.  At first glance, you might think, potty training? Is that meaningful work? If you know of anyone or if you yourself struggled with this milestone, you know how very crazy it can make a household. Helping other families through this chaos will fill your heart.

You are already doing it.

Are you already helping parents, talking non-stop about Oh Crap?  Are you the one everyone comes to for advice and help?  You’re already doing this work anyway! You love to help other parents and share your experience and what you’ve learned. Why not get paid? Most of our experts were Oh Crap hawkers to begin with; they practically potty trained most of their mom circle.

No Boundaries.

Work where you want, when you want, as much or as little as you want.  If you consult on-line you can work anywhere there is internet access. How great is that? Create a life you don’t need to take a vacation from. Never have to ask someone for a day or a week off. I’ve always said, I’m 47 years old. I can’t IMAGINE having to ask someone to take a day off, for an emergency or just mental health.

We’re in this together.

I have no desire to leave you hanging in this business. I’ve worked hard to build Oh Crap Potty Training. I love helping families. I want to see you succeed. When you purchase the basic certification course, you get SIX live video conferences with me; to answer and address any problems or concerns. I also am offering  other options for back up help.

Available for Purchase

Oh Crap! Potty Training Certification  (PDF)

Oh Crap! Potty Training Expert Forum (Yearly Subscription)

Oh Crap! Potty Training Expert Business Listing (Yearly Subscription)

Oh Crap! I can get all THREE products at once and save money!


How long will it take me to complete the certification program?

The course consists of about 9 hours of reading to be done, as well as a few hours to go through some of my past work with clients.  Knowing that most of you are most likely very busy with life, I designed the program in short, easily digestible lessons.  It’s very easy to pick up and put down according to your schedule. It’s completely self-paced and it’s up to you how fast you’d like to get through the material. Once you’ve completed the program, there is a test to take and send back to me and then VOILA! You are good to go!

Are there any CEUs (continuing education units) required for this certification?

There are no CEUs required for your Oh Crap! Potty Expert certification. It is our expectation that you enjoy all topics regarding parenting and will continue to keep current on parenting and pottying trends.  If you choose to purchase extra help in the closed group (yearly subscription), you will get one one help with business questions or client questions.

What will this certification enable to me to do?

This certification will enable you to teach potty training classes, lead potty training forums, and consult one-on-one with clients.  I will give you all the skills you’ll need to feel confident as a potty training expert; you will learn things about potty training you probably didn’t want to know. LOL.  The best part is YOU will be the one deciding which path you want to take! Maybe you’ll love teaching classes or maybe you’ll fine that one-on-one is where you groove.

How much money can I make with this certification?

Dude. Totally up to YOU! How much you work, how much energy you put into this, how much awesomeness you bring to your business? That’s up to you. I can tell you our existing experts are consistently booked and there is enough potty love to go around the globe many times.  There are a TON of parents who need help with this sometimes-crazy milestone. How much of that you want to take on is your call. Work a little, work a lot…nothing is written in stone in your business. You can switch it up as you see fit. We do not guarantee any particular income. You will have the substantial benefit of the Oh Crap! name behind you…just add your own personal magic and the sky’s the limit. Our consultants typically make $125 for one-on-one clients, in person classes typically run anywhere from $10-30 a person, and online forums and webinars can vary anywhere in the $10-125 per person.

Does this include marketing materials?

Yes! We include templates, banners, and badges for you to use however you’d like. The beauty of current marketing is folks are looking for help from OTHER REAL PEOPLE, like you. Not big business, not corporate nonsense. This means YOU can bring your own unique stuff and weave your own personal marketing tapestry. We include various different things you can choose to use as you carve your own path!

Will I be working directly under Jamie?

You will not! This will be YOURS! Your own business. I will available in the closed groups for any questions you might have but I  will not be your boss. You will not HAVE a boss; ‘cept yourself!  If you chose, I list you on our website as a Certified Consultant. You’ll have the Oh Crap! name behind you but how you run your business, when you work…all that is totally up to you!  And that’s the BEST part.

Can I use the Oh Crap name?

Yes! You are welcome to use the Oh Crap Potty Training name as part of your business. In fact, we recommend it. Oh Crap has consistently gained momentum in the parenting world; why not capitalize on that?  It’s an excellent spring board for your business to come out with a brand name already rocking ‘n rolling.  I ask that you flavor it with your own zing and style but yes…you can absolutely use the Oh Crap name in your business name, domain name, or anywhere you see fit.

More questions I haven’t gotten yet?  

Feel free to email me with them!