THIS. This article in the Washington Post.

They call us helicopter moms. Yet they'll arrest us if we leave our kids for 5 minutes.

They tell us we over schedule. But if the kids are unsupervised we could again...get arrested.

They put memes on Facebook about the utopian freedom of a 70's summer. But they'll drag our kids into family court if we let them play in the street till sundown.

"When I was a kid..."

I'm so freaking sick of this. I swear it's a big conspiracy to mess with our mental health. To stymy our intuition. To keep us so wrapped up in how we're messing up parenting that we don't think about anything else. I'm really starting to think this is at the core of all this mixed messaging.

What the frick, WORLD? Can you please just decide if we're choking our kids' childhood or if we're a menace to their well-being.

'Cause any way you slice it sounds to me like you think I'm screwing up my kid.


*fricking rant over*

(and yes, of course some children really DO need intervention from outside adults but that's not this trend)