I'm Jamie. Life liver and kid lover. I've been an advocate for children since I entered Social Work 10 years ago. This is when I learned the beauty of potty training children and the amazing, powerful growth in them learning this skill. I've helped thousands of parents potty train their kids because I BELIEVE IN OUR CHILDREN and I'm happy to share all the knowledge I've picked up along the way. I believe children are capable of more than we give them credit for. I adore seeing the look of pride on little faces when they tell me: I did it! I BELIEVE IN MAMAS. I know your love is so deep and you want only the best for your child. I believe you can do this.

I believe in rhythm and routine and magic. My passion for this work springs from a supreme love of life with kids and how magical each little journey we make with them is. As a Mom myself I deeply understand the struggle and fear parents can have about this milestone. You can count on me to tell it straight and with love.

I first learned to potty train kids while being a social worker, both in San Francisco and Rhode Island. I worked with dual diagnosis moms and as a parent educator, teaching potty training was part of my job, not the hot button it is today. I wasn't a mom yet and I had no clue about Mommy Culture and the land mines that live there. Fast forward to having Pascal. When he was 22 months, I ducked out of my mom circles for a week to potty train. I was still unaware of the cultural potty drama until every person exclaimed that it was IMPOSSIBLE to potty train  A BOY at 22 MONTHS! I was like...um...nooooo...this is when you potty train. We did and he did and suddenly he was a rock star on the playground. Seriously. It was kind of weird. People started asking me how I did it everywhere I went. I started holding classes and they were selling out. Finally, I wrote the information down and I had a book. That first version was bare bones. I was inundated with emails from people who needed more help.

I quickly realized that no two kids will have the same reaction to potty training. As I began to work with more and more parents, I started seeing new trends in parenting. Our parenting today looks vastly different than even 10 years ago. The internet is a lovely thing to have but also overwhelming in information. You can find an expert in any area who tells you everything you are doing is going to fuck up your kid for life.  Another google search will let you know that you are doing just fine.

Over the past 6 years, I've written and rewritten Oh Crap! Potty Training to reflect those modern challenges. This isn't a method per se, but it's the answer to every question you might have. Simon and Schuster picked it and made it all fancy and available in all book stores in June of 2015. My business strategist and marketing guru, Kati Miale and I have designed the Oh Crap Experts Certification Program, so mamas and papas like you can help spread the potty training love.

I believe that we are all good parents, doing the very best for our children. My best may not look like your best and I wish all the bullshit competition in parenting would stop.

Some random stuff about me:  I cry at commercials. I believe in community and the law of attraction. I love my son and I especially love him when he's sleeping. I recently bought a Dyson broom vacuum and the amount of  joy I get from vacuuming is kind of lame.

I think constructive criticism is an oxymoron and is almost always someone else candy-coating their shit just for you. On the other hand, vanilla ice cream is totally underrated. I could kill the guys who thought 1000 pieces was a selling point for Playmobil. My house is kinda clean, most of the time. I have 7 pairs of underwear. So does my son. This is how I'm forced to do laundry on Sunday night. My kid sometimes eats red dye #40 and high fructose corn syrup. Rarely, but he does. 'Cause I can't be that mom every hour of every day. Parenting is exhausting enough without this veneer of perfection. So. Let's play nice. No hitting and please share.